Prehistory and the modern world give an expression of past and present - a symbol of both man and beast.
Combined they are the imagery spoken of in childhood fables.  But in reality, they are made of digital ink, framed in a view screen, waiting to be set loose.
No longer man, not all animal, but a combination of past and present with only a will to suppress the greater force that lies within.


A work of art is not defined by ability - but by insight.
A single individual cannot master creativity - because it is a collective process.
Expressions are not conveyed by words alone - but by composed emotions.
Therefore - it takes an artist to interpret, giving birth to his creation.


Ideas are inspired by fact and / or fiction.
They are a reflection of what is and what could be.
Ideas begin with a single thought - they inspire, they motivate, they unite.
Ideas give us purpose, and the freedom to dream, and to create an unseen future.
Ideas illustrate who we are.